Upgrading memory on the Mac mini

Several months ago I bought a 2 GB RAM upgrade for my Mac mini. Admittedly it was a total impulse buy. I saw the price, thought it was a bargain, and snagged it. After the new memory arrived, I finally decided to look into how to install it. That may have been a mistake. It turns out there was no guidance from Apple for upgrading RAM in a Mac mini. The official position was to take it to an Apple Store, which would undoubtedly have cost much more than the memory. Unofficially, there was a tutorial available in the Mac Forums, but it looked complicated enough that I didn’t want to undertake the project until I was prepared to see it through. So, for all these months, the modules have been sitting idle on my kitchen counter.

About This Mac
About This Mac shows 2 GB memory after upgrade of Mac mini
This morning, for some reason, perhaps because of the heat, I decided to opt out of my usual hike and instead tackle the RAM upgrade. And so, for about an hour, my dining room was converted into a Mac mini operating room. As it turns out, the procedure wasn’t nearly as hard as it looked. The idea of prying open my beautiful Mac mini with a putty knife was rather frightening, since I thought I might crack the case. I did put a few small scratches on the plastic where I inserted the knife, but they were underneath the unit where nobody will see them. I was more concerned about hairline stress cracks on the exterior of the unit, but I performed every step deliberately, and there were no problems.

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Incredibly simple online personal weight tracking

With the beautiful weather we’ve been having in Phoenix over the past few weeks, I’ve been outdoors almost every day. As a result, I’ve noticed the weight starting to burn off me. To keep track of how much weight I’ve been losing, I built w8track.com.

Using the application is incredibly simple. Simply sign in with your OpenID, which you can get from Yahoo! or Google. Enter your weight for today, or for any other day in the past ninety days. And repeat.

If you’re like me, you like to average out the daily ups and downs, so once you have more than one weight entry, the application will compute moving averages for seven and thirty days. It’ll also show a line graph plotting the last thirty days of actual weights and averages.

You can enter weight in pounds, kilograms, or stones, but the resulting computations will only be in pounds for right now. We’ll be working on changing some of the built-in defaults in the near future.

Enjoy the application! I’d enjoy hearing your feedback.